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Our goal is to gain a clear and relevant understanding of your company's vision, operations and marketing objectives. This allows our team to produce innovative web solutions that are in step with your corporate strategies and values. Our proven design approach incorporates relevant creativity. It's all about clearly understanding your competition, determining the unique quality of your product or service, and effectively communicating its strengths to your target markets and audience.



Gather Information

Print marketing and sales brochures
Databooks, product and service photos
Product and company logos

Market and Information Analysis

Evaluate competitor and industry websites
Study details of company products and services
Discuss merits of comparable websites favored by the client

Site Concept and Architecture

Establish functional objectives for the website
Divide the website into major areas of content
Determine availability and extent of text copy for each area

Iterative approach to home page design

Discuss and prioritize the company's vision to be conveyed on the home page. Redesign or repurpose company logo for online use as necessary. Provide design comps to establish the right look and feel.

• Graphics Design for Content Pages

Extract major design elements and company message from the home page to extend onto the content areas of the website. Create and derive graphics based on design elements on home page. Story board content flow and internal site concepts.

Technology Assessment

  Page download size
Animated GIFs
Java Applets
Flash Animation
Browser Compatibility
Online databases
Online commerce
CGI scripting
Javascript programming

Project Timeline
Establish design schedule and project milestones
Determine responsibility and timeline for text copy

Website Maintenance
Analyze options for secure customer access
Discuss expected level of website maintenance by client
Establish procedures for website maintenance
Train company personnel to make certain website updates
Provide admin utilities to administer secure customer areas



1) Overall Appearance

  • Clean
  • Innovative
  • Creative

2) Use of Graphics

  • Minimize File Size
  • Maximize Impact

3) Technology

  • Functional
  • Relevant

4) Quality of Content

  • Relevant
  • Clear
  • Concise

5) Site Navigability

  • Fluid
  • Intuitive

6) Site Maintenance

  • Admin Utilities
  • Ease of Maintenance


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