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CardBlast is a free website service targeted at children and offers electronic greeting cards. We coupled innovative use of server side automated image manipulation together with an extensive SQL database of custom graphic images. Unlike other online free greeting card service available on the net today, CardBlast enables users to arrange various graphic icons and text of different font types onto card backgrounds to create custom greeting cards that can then be emailed to friends and family. Interacting with this site requires nothing more than a basic web browser without the need for browser plug-ins.
PictureTrail is an innovative free Online Photo Album service. Users can create and maintain their photo albums via their web browser. No browser plug-ins are required. Each user can select from a wide choice of photo frames that automatically resize and attach around each photo image. This project makes extensive use of SQL databases to maintain each user's photo album, photo galleries and photos. PictureTrail is run on a dedicated web server that is configured to serve a member base of up to 500,000 users.