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Media Technique offers dedicated and managed servers on a leased terms basis. For clients who prefer to supply their own equipment, we combine professional managed services on an as needed or monthly retainer basis along with the co-location of the equipment at Class A  Abovenet data centers in San Jose. Please call us at 408-260-7400 or email us at for managed server quotes.

Server Colocation Rates *

Case Rackspace Bandwidth Total Included Basic Setup**
1U $125.00 $100.00 $225.00 64kbit/s $250.00
2U $225.00 $100.00 $325.00 64kbit/s $250.00
3U $325.00 $100.00 $425.00 64kbit/s $250.00
4U $425.00 $100.00 $525.00 64kbit/s $250.00

*Does not include leased cost of server and managed services.

**Onsite server(s) install, including shelving and DNS setup (One IP per machine included in Basic Setup).

Multi Server Discount
Rackspace discounts apply to multiple servers co-located by the same client. Multiple server discounts apply at 3% per 1U up to a maximum of 45% discount.

Bandwidth Pricing
Extra Bandwidth charged at $80 for each 64kbit/s increment.



Datacenter Facilites

Network Operations

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Secure Access
  • Remote Hands


  • Continuous Supply
  • Redundant Backup


  • Redundant A/C
  • Room Filtration

Fire Suppression

  • Early Detection
  • Dry Pipe System


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